Micaela, a young deaf girl in Ecuador

Micaela Fe y Alegria Ecuador

When Micaela Pazmino was born, her parents Santiago and Mayra couldn’t have been happier but found it difficult when they learnt that their daughter was deaf, anxious about what the future would hold.

“At the start it was a very difficult experience,” recalls Santiago. “But gradually we learnt that we had a real opportunity to support our daughter and help with her learning.”

Thanks to our work with Fe y Alegría Ecuador, Micaela has been able to go to school in Santo Domingo and gets the support she needs to learn. Now aged 11 years old, she’s thriving.

With our support, Micaela’s family has learnt sign language and her twin sister Milena loves being able to communicate with her. “We go out together all the time and watch films,” says Milena. “We get on really well and always look after each other.”

Micaela has big plans for her future and wants to go to university to study before opening her own cake shop.

“I can see she has a bright future and I’m sure she’ll achieve her ambitions,” says Santiago. “We are a very happy family and very happy to give her all the support she needs.”


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