Fluri Modest Msofe, 25

Fluri Child Reach Tanzania

Growing up as a deaf boy in Mwanga, Tanzania, I was always worried about what the future would hold. A lot of people think deaf people are useless. I even started to believe that too.


But a few years ago, I was given a place at the Ghona Vocational Training Centre for the Deaf. I really enjoyed learning at the centre and made lots of friends.


After graduating, Deaf Child Worldwide partner Child Reach Tanzania organised a placement for me at a construction firm. I learnt so much there and loved using my carpentry skills to make furniture like beds and shelves. I realised not only that I could do something, but that I could do it really well and that really boosted my confidence.


When the internship ended, I was really sad as I spent long days at home on my own, with nothing to do and no one to talk to, feeling hopeless. The staff brought me to speak with the manager and they offered me a job as they knew I was a skilled carpenter and that I’m committed to work hard. I love my job. I get a real sense of achievement and I really feel my life is on track. I tell other deaf people I meet to work hard and learn a skill so they can enjoy life like I do now.


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