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We support a diverse range of local organisations and community groups who share our vision, mission and values, and work with deaf children and their families. 

Learn about how our projects in Latin America have helped families like Micaela's to communicate and better understand each other


Asociación Fe y Alegría-Bolivia

'Contributing to the inclusion of deaf children in education and society by strengthening the School of Audiology de Fe y Alegría in Sucre.'

We are working with our partner Fe y Alegría Bolivia in Sucre and two rural areas, Mojocoya and Zudáñez, to strengthen inclusive education for deaf children. The project provides training to teachers in targeted mainstream schools so they are equipped with the skills and knowledge to better support deaf children in attaining a quality education. We are also supporting an Audiology Centre which serves mainly poor, indigenous communities. The Audiology Centre provides additional support to deaf children and their parents so that deaf children have more opportunities to learn and are supported to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to be included in class activities.

Fundación Machaqa Amawt’a

'Influencing for inclusive education and access to bilingual and bicultural education for deaf children and young people in El Alto'

In El Alto, we are working with Fundación Machaqa Amawt’a to develop communication skills for deaf children and young people so that they are better positioned to achieve in school. A lack of communication skills often means deaf children do not reach their potential and are left feeling isolated. This project focuses on improving communication skills, including Bolivian Sign Language, so that deaf children and young people are enabled to be active members both at school and within the community. Vocational training is also provided for deaf young people.


Colegio Filadelfia para Sordos

'Happy Homes: Strengthening and giving hope to families of deaf children and young people.'

We are working with our partner The Colegio Filadelfia para Sordos in Bogotá, who run a school for 120 deaf and 10 deafblind students. This project focuses on improving the family environment through increased communication and deaf awareness knowledge within the family. Parents also gain advocacy skills in addition to sign language skills. The project also aim to support deaf children and young people to grow and develop as leaders which will have a positive impact on the deaf community. 

Fundación para el Niño Sordo ICAL

'Improving children's wellbeing and academic attainment by improving parent's skills in communication and support skills.'

North of Bogotá, we are working with our partner Fundación para el Niño Sordo ICAL to improve education attainment for deaf children and young people. The project offers holistic support to families including a range of skills and capacity training to parents so they are better able to support their child’s education and development. With the right support and improved communication and social skills, children can achieve and perform well in school, resulting in brighter future prospects.  


Fundacion de Asistencia Social y Ayuda para personas Sordas DHEX

'Improving the family life of profoundly deaf children and young people'

We are working with our partner DHEX to improve family life for deaf children various cities in Ecuador. The project is providing workshops and training to help families understand their child's deafness, the causes of childhood deafness, and how their child can develop language and communication skills. The project teaches sign language to parents and encourages families to support their children to lead independent lives. DHEX are also supporting the National Association of Parents of Deaf Children in their advocacy work.

Asociación Fe y Alegría-Ecuador

'Improve the quality of education and inclusion of deaf students in Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas'

In the Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas region, we are working with our partner Fe y Alegría to improve the quality of education services for deaf children and young people. This project provides sign language training and training on children's rights for the families of deaf children, teachers, administrative staff in schools and deaf children's classmates. The project is also training a group of teachers to qualify as sign language interpreters. Additional training supports deaf young people and parents to campaign for their rights and to increase the number of deaf children and young people accessing essential health and education services.


Paz y Esperanza

'Ensuring access to sign language for deaf children in the Valley of Alto Mayo.'

In Alto Mayo in the upper Peruvian Amazon rainforest, we are working with our partner Paz y Esperanza to establish high quality sign language teaching and training for deaf children, their families and local communities. Courses are provided for families, teachers and community workers to become sign language trainers who will help to improve communication and increase the participation of deaf children in family and community life. Paz y Esperanza also provide support to the parent's group in lobbying for better educational services for their children.


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