East Africa

Deaf children and young people in East Africa face many barriers, including:

  • Communication barriers - causing deaf children to feel isolated.
  • Linguistic diversity - making it more difficult to acquire language and communication skills.
  • Poor quality education in large classrooms and a lack of specialist training amongst teachers.
  • Lack of access to information for parents on how to support and communicate with their deaf child.
  • Lack of qualified specialist training, affecting the quality of education.
  • Lack of access to basic services, such as health care in rural areas.

Find out how our work in East Africa has helped young people like Fluri Modest Msofe to gain employment enabling him to lead an independent life.


What we do

We work with local partners in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania to ensure deaf children and young people can develop language and communication, access high quality education and become independent.





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Where we work

Deaf Child Worldwide works with partners in developing countries, facilitating work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life.

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