With sign langauge, I am equal

International Week of the Deaf is the only week of the year that actively seeks to raise awareness about the Deaf Community around the globe. Deaf communities from countries far and wide came together to celebrate the special week.

Deaf Child Worldwide and our partners were involved with International Week of the Deaf last year.

With sign language, I am equal 

International Week of the Deaf (IWD) is held annually in September to raise awareness about the Deaf Community on a global scale. The aim of the week is for people to gather together, become united and show unity to the rest of the world. 2016 was the 8th year that International Week of the Deaf has been celebrated and every year the celebrations are even bigger and even more global.

We got involved with the celebrations by sharing video messages from a whole range of different deaf celebrities, such as the legendary Punk Chef Scott Garthwaite, American Sign Language (ASL) storyteller Dack Viring, wanderlust enthusiast and world traveller Thomas Giddeons, artist Christine Sun Kim and many more! Also not to forget the many video messages from deaf children and young people throughout the UK and from every corner of the globe.

We received views from 55 different countries around the world, ranging from the USA to Australia and they were even watched by viewers in Bolivia and Bangladesh. See if you can spot anyone you recognise in our video.

You can also see some photos from activities that were organised by our partners in South Asia, East Africa and Latin America to celebrate International Week of the Deaf 2016.



South Asia

IWD South Asia rallyOur partners in India and Bangladesh led several activities throughout the week to raise awareness and celebrate sign language. Various of activities such as deaf awareness and sign language workshops, drawing and sport competition, rally, meetings with district governments and World Deaf Day celebration.




One of our partners, the Association of People with Disability in Karnataka, India celebrating the World Deaf Day with their own video message also they held a drawing competition.

East Africa

IWD East Africa rally in September 2016Our partners in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda held several sport tournaments and awareness workshops also held a World Deaf Day rally though a city to spread awareness.


One of our partner, childreach Tanzania created a video to celebrate the International Week of the Deaf 2016.

Latin America

Rally for IWD 2016Many activities and event held throughout Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru by our partners.


The students of our partner, Fe y Alegria Ecuador made this video  to celebrate International Week of the Deaf 2016 in Ecuador and explaining different activities planned during the week.

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