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Frank (20) is profoundly deaf and lives in Alto Mayo in the upper Peruvian Amazon rainforest.. He has been living with his aunt and uncle since his parents separated a few years ago. Since he was a boy, his aunt and uncle have always supported Frank’s education. They felt that their nephew had the potential to thrive so they reached out to our partner, Paz y Esperanza.

Frank from Peru

Paz y Esperanza provide high quality sign language teaching and training for deaf children, their families and local communities. Courses are provided for teachers and community workers to become sign language trainers who will help to improve communication for deaf children. Paz y Esperanza also provides support to the parents’ group in lobbying for better educational services for their children.

When Frank joined Paz y Esperanza’s deaf youth group, he discovered a new language through Peruvian Sign Language which helped him communicate with his peers. At the beginning Frank was very quiet, too nervous to contribute his opinions, but with time he was learning more sign language and communicating with his peers.

Like many deaf young people, Frank didn’t know how to read or write and only knew maths at a basic level which wasn’t sufficient to gain employment. But this did not  stop Frank’s determination to find work. He tried out new skills such as carpentry and cake decorating, and discovered that he has a real knack for decorating cakes! He went on to work in a cake shop and started decorating the cakes with his own ideas.

Frank has successfully entered the world of work, an opportunity that many deaf young people  across the world do not get as they are often left behind. Deaf Child Worldwide is committed to ensuring every deaf child is supported to access quality education so they have the opportunity to achieve their potential. We believe that deaf children can do anything other children can do, given early diagnosis and the right support from the start.


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Deaf Child Worldwide works with partners in developing countries, facilitating work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life.

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