New partnership to combat barriers for deaf children in Uganda

Parenting of deaf children is influenced by many factors such as culture, poverty, lack of awareness and barriers to communication.  In Uganda many deaf children and their families are stigmatised by their communities because deafness is not understood and many parents are unaware of what services are available or don’t understand the potential of their deaf child could achieve with the right support.

For all these reasons, many of the 78,000 deaf children in Uganda fail to receive the support they need from an early age and misconceptions among parents and school officials about deaf children’s ability to learn frequently keep them out of education.


Parents are the most important resource for empowering deaf children. A parent’s belief in their deaf child is crucial and can mean the difference between a child attending school or missing out on education altogether.


Board of the NAPADEC committee

“The first challenge for parents is accepting their child is deaf.  Parents can think their child has no worth, and is useless.  They deny their children and deny them education”, father of deaf son, board member of NAPADEC.


The National Association of Parents of Deaf Children of Uganda (NAPADEC) supports families in six districts, by providing training to improve communication and establishing local and national parents support groups which will provide ongoing support for deaf children and their families, now and for future generations. 


NAPADEC is working towards eliminating misconceptions about deafness through helping parents to support one another and enable deaf children to enjoy a stable home environment and to lead fulfilling lives. We are delighted to announce that  we will be working in partnership with NAPADEC  for the next 3 years to continue their work in six Districts and to expand this vital resource”   Joanna Clark, Director of Deaf Child Worldwide.



Together with NAPADEC and our other partners – Signhealth Uganda and Ugandan National Association of the Deaf -  we will be working to ensure that deaf children and young people can fully participate in family, community and school life by helping to improve communication between the deaf child and their hearing family members. The project will provide deaf awareness, sign language and communication training for families and their communities.


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