Imagine not being allowed to attend school

Imagine not being allowed to attend school or being able to communicate with your parents. This is what happened with Jayita (10), who spent the first five years of her life at home, unable to communicate with her parents who didn’t think she could learn and didn’t understand her frustration, interpreting this as behavioural difficulties.


Jayita was 5 years old when she finally received support from our partner organisation Samaj Unnayan Kendra (SUK) in India. Before the support from SUK, Jayita was isolated as she was not enrolled in school. Her parents were reluctant to give her an education as she was not communicating with them and felt that Jayita had behaviour difficulties.  

In 2012, SUK arranged for a Community Based Rehabilitation Worker (CBRW) to meet with Jayita and her family regularly. Since doing so, her CBRW says Jayita has flourished into a lovely young girl who is now catching up with her education extremely quickly. She is also an avid artist and relies on pictures to express her emotions. During CBRW home visits, her mother always sits beside Jayita and tries to adopt the methods suggested by the CBRW to communicate with her daughter.

Now Jayita is 10 years old and attending school, where her teachers are very supportive, encouraging Jayita to sit at the front of the class and constantly checking with her that she is following the lessons. Jayita dreams to become a deaf role model in the future to support other deaf young children who have been through a similar experience to herself.

We are working with SUK in West Bengal to promote the inclusion of deaf children and young people into family, school and community life. The project runs camps during school holidays so that more intensive support on language development and studies can be provided in addition to it helping with development of their socialising skills.


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Deaf Child Worldwide works with partners in developing countries, facilitating work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life.

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