Deaf students studying Human Rights and Arts in Ecuador

My name is Felipe Román and I am 23 years old. I come from a deaf family who communicate in sign language. I was nearly half way through my University degree when I studied a module on Human Rights and Art.

Human rights and art in Ecuador

The course had a profound impact on me, the subject of human rights is fundamental to life for everybody. Art is expressive in different ways and I wanted to use art to promote deaf awareness and the human rights of deaf people.

At first we felt that our hearing peers were suspicious of us because of our deafness, however once we had shared our experiences, our classmates started to open up and began to ask about our culture and sign language. At the end we felt united as deaf and hearing peers.

 Human rights and art in Ecuador

I think that more deaf people should have this training, to improve their skills and knowledge about Human Rights and how to defend them. Many deaf people are passive and just accept the differences, however they should understand that when they face conflicts in society, it means that work must be done to promote equality.

As part of the course we had to create a piece of art with a powerful message. Deaf people are a very visual community and so we decided to make a film to educate hearing peers what life is like for us. Deaf people shared experiences about what their lives are like every day, so that hearing people can understand us better.


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