Deaf Role Model Evaluator Training

Deaf Role Models (DRMs) are employed by each of Deaf Child Worldwide’s South Asia partner organisations. Deaf adults can be excellent role models for deaf children and their families; by drawing on their own experiences, they can show families that deafness does not need to be a barrier to achievement.


The DRMs work with deaf children and young people helping them improve their communication skills, self-confidence, aspirations, self-advocacy skills and positive deaf identity. They are expected to share their personal experiences as a deaf young person and serve as positive role models for the deaf children and young people they work with. They help the families to identify practical solutions for navigating some of the common challenges that deaf children and young people face as they transition into adulthood. 

In Kolkata in October 2017, Deaf Child Worldwide staff trained 8 DRM’s to be project evaluators so they could lead in end of project evaluation with deaf children and young people. The four day training covered evaluator skills, safeguarding, confidentiality, communication, information gathering and reporting.  

Group photo of DRM evaluator training

The training was overall a huge success and the DRMs showed considerable strengths, specifically; communication skills, the ability to positively engage with deaf children, reliability, patience, enthusiasm and an impressive commitment to their role.

‘[I learnt that] Deaf Role Models are important.’
‘[I learnt] how to understand children’s experience.’
‘[I learnt] the qualities that a Deaf Role Model should have to be an Evaluator - Smile, love, feeling towards the children, ISL, all to be treated equally and openness to learn new things.’




For more videos from the training, please watch on our YouTube playlist

Read our full Deaf Role Model Evaluator Training Report PDF

Further training in human rights, theory of participation, deaf identity, safeguarding and equality would hugely benefit the DRMs and enable them to advocate more effectively for the deaf children and young people they work with. Also deaf awareness training (for hearing staff) and guidance on communication with hearing people (for the DRMs) would help them to work and to be meaningfully involved in their predominantly hearing/non-signing teams.

The DCW team is planning further training for the DRMs in March next year, to build on their skill set and help them grow in confidence and develop in their role.

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