About Deaf Child Worldwide

We are the UK's leading international charity for deaf children in developing countries.

We have launched a bold new Overcoming Barriers Strategy 2017-2022 and brand to overcome the social and educational barriers that hold deaf children back. See the strategy in British Sign Language (BSL) here

                                                                                Overcoming the Barriers strategy

Who we support
We support deaf children and young people who are disadvantaged by poverty and discrimination in the developing countries.

Our purpose
Our purpose is to enable children and young people with deafness to overcome barriers that prevent them from realising their rights to education, information, health, and economic opportunity.

Why deaf children need us
Deafness is not a learning disability and, given the right support, deaf children can do anything their hearing peers can do. But in developing countries, deaf children face severe challenges due to late diagnosis, difficulty accessing quality education, stigma, isolation and discrimination.  In order to reach their full potential they need:

  • access to formal pre-school learning where they can develop language skills
  • to be able to attend schools that meet their needs and encourage them to achieve
  • to grow up in an environment that strives to deliver equality instead of discrimination
  • access to information about health, training and employment.

About Deaf Child Worldwide 

What we do
We work in partnership with families, schools, community groups, government agencies and other institutions involved in providing care or services for children in developing countries to overcome poverty, inequality and isolation.

We do this by:

  • Providing specialist advice and professional guidance as well as resources and training, to help organisations working with children in developing countries meet the needs of deaf young people.
  • Helping to empower deaf children, deaf young people and their families to support each other and campaign for long-term change.
  • Undertaking research into the needs of deaf children growing up in poverty and the challenges they face in developing countries.

Deaf Child Worldwide was established in 2008 as the international arm of the National Deaf Children’s Society and we are a recognised global expert on childhood deafness.

Where we work
The three regions where we work are East Africa, South Asia and Latin America.
We have projects in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, India, Bangladesh, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru



Where we work

Deaf Child Worldwide works with partners in developing countries, facilitating work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life.

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