History of Deaf Child Worldwide

Deaf Child Worldwide is the international development team at the National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) in the UK.

NDCS's vision to work beyond UK borders dates back to 1944 when the 'Deaf Children's Society' was founded with a commitment to supporting 'deaf children everywhere'.

NDCS has been changing the lives of deaf children in the UK for more than 60 years and first responded to requests for funding for international projects by giving one-off grants through its international challenge events.

The number of requests steadily grew as more organisations around the world wanted to work with NDCS and benefit from its expertise in supporting deaf children and their families. After research showed that NDCS was the only organisation working internationally to support projects specifically for deaf children, in 2003 it made the decision to establish a full-time international department to focus on this work.

NDCS's international work grew and it supported more than 50 local organisations working with deaf children and their families in more than 30 countries. Following this success, in 2008 Deaf Child Worldwide was created to establish a distinct identity for the international development team.

Since then, we have established ourselves as the leading international development agency dedicated to enabling deaf children and young people to overcome poverty, inequality and isolation. Our knowledge, expertise and ambition have grown and we have developed long-term strategic programmes in South Asia, East Africa and Latin America, changing the lives of deaf children and their families in some of the poorest communities in the world.

Where we work

Deaf Child Worldwide works with partners in developing countries, facilitating work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life.

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