• About us

    Deaf Child Worldwide is the international development team at the National Deaf Children’s Society. We are the leading UK charity working with deaf children in developing countries. Our vision is a world without barriers for every deaf child and we facilitate work that enables deaf children and young people to be fully included in their family, education and community life. Read more > 



  • International Women's Day

    Barriers such as deafness can become insurmountable when compounded by gender and geographical location and without the right support, young deaf women can become trapped in a lifetime of poverty. Click here to find out how we are supporting deaf women to reach their potential and to read some inspirational stories. 


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    Help us break down the barriers for every deaf child by making a donation now. With your help, we can continue to support some of the most marginalised deaf children and young people to access their rights enabling them to reach their potential.